Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Michael comes to visit the bees and learn (March 23rd)

Michael from the Tucson Beekeepers Facebook group came over this morning to learn some of the basics of beekeeping.

He brought beer :)

We got all suited up, went over the finer points of lighting the smoker (and keeping it lit).

I opened up both the hives I had.  The oldest hive is kind of a mess, there are undrawn frames in the bottom and top, and things are in general disarray.  Nothing new there.  Needs to be fixed up, I think they want foundationless frames.

The new hive (cutout) is looking really good, except for it not vbeing level.  The bees always build up and down, so it's something I am going to have to fix before it gets out of hand.

Had a beer with michael after we were done, and a good chat.  He's a good guy I think.

I like teaching people new things =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hive removal from Max and Andrea's place

One of the neighborhood friends had a swarm move in underneath a shipping container a few days ago. I stopped by yesterday afternoon to take a peek, and I saw comb... They are building a hive.

Got an old hive body and filled it with frames, drilled two holes on opposing sides, screened one from the inside and attached the shop vac to it. Sucked the bees out from under the container and they were then trapped in the hive. Removed the comb, which got pretty damaged by me pulling it out and it sitting in the sun. it went in the comb bucket. I put the hive in the apiary (next to my other hive).

I went back to Max and Andrea's later and there were no bees at all, anywhere. Successful removal!! And some free german bratwurst for my efforts :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lots of orientation flights this afternoon!

I went out to watch the bees for a few minutes today, they were really busy at the entrance of the hive.  Lots of bees circling then taking off, looks like they got a new wave of foragers!  That's exciting, I am hoping it means the hive is getting stronger. 

I will get some pictures next time I open the hive.  I think it will be wednesday morning.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

First visit to a large apiary today!

A local beekeeper let me volunteer some time today, and showed me around his apiary.  We checked several hives (about 10 I think) and got them fed to get them strong for the upcoming mesquite / creosote / palo verde blooms.

I also worked on my hive today after I got home, and removed the last "wild" comb out of the hive, and wired it into a frame.  I can now pull out all the frames in the hive for inspection, and was able to fit a 9th frame in the hive!

I rearranged some of the frames, and added a second super on top.  I put some of the drawn frames (including the one that I had removed from the bottom) in the top super, hopefully they will start to draw out the top box.

Also gave them some sugar syrup to hopefully encourage some comb drawing!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hive inspection

Looks like there are more bees in there now.  I didn't do as thorough of an inspection because they seemed a little defensive (I actually got stung once).  I had tried to tape my sleeves closed with electrical tape which is black, and i think they got mad at the tape (I got stung on the wrist by the tape).

So, I closed the hive back up and put the honey sugar patty on top of the inner cover.  There was one bee that was doing some funny stuff by the honey patty, I took a video and put on youtube.