Sunday, February 21, 2016

First hive inspection in 2 months or so.  Looks like they are still alive!  I think most of the comb on the outside of the hive is empty... Hard to tell since I can't take out the frames without lots of destruction, due to the frames being spaced out (I bought the hive like that... Didn't know until I got it home and opened).  I love these bees though, and they apparently don't mind me much when I poke around in there.

Don't ever put the lid on without filling up the hive body with frames!!!

I added a new deep hive body on top with 10 frames of foundation.  I want to encourage them to move out of that filled body ASAP because it's really hard for me to tell what's going on inside, and I don't want them to swarm.  Have to get them out of this hive box so I can clean it out.  Makes me sad that I can't pull out frames and look!

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