Thursday, February 25, 2016

Opened up the hive the other day (Tuesday the 23rd) and removed 4 frames (the 2 outer ones on each side) in an effort to clean up the uneven frame spacing. I enjoyed the work, being close to the bees and not having any issues. I was able to put an extra frame back in bringing the total to 8 frames.

Here's some pictures:

One side with nice drawn foundation.

This is the other side. Nice comb, but it's not on the foundation.

All the burr comb and cross comb I removed.

This is the gap between two of the brood frames, there is another comb between them that the bees built to make up their "beespace".

I put this frame in before I took the messy cross comb frames over to the garage to clean them up, and the bees evidently decided to measure out their new foundation right after I put it in!

My next time opening the hive will be to try and get the brood frames separated out (if possible) and get another frame into the hive, or maybe all the frames into the hive (10 total).

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